Caitlin Hales

video artist + performer

Caitlin Hales is a creative person living in NYC. She grew up in Texas and studied Musical Theater. After graduation, moved to the East Coast and lived the aspiring actor life: audition all day, sling cocktails all night. This blood n sweat experience in food & beverage gave her the hospitality chops to throw some large-scale revenue-generating events. She eventually landed a job at Big Human, and through working here, discovered her love for technology. Her interest in the stage transformed into a passion for digital entertainment. Specifically, short-form video.

Caitlin currently works as an Account Executive at The Bosco, hooking up brands & agencies with interactive photo & video experiences (interested?).

In her free time Caitlin thrifts, cooks, rides her custom Schwinn Lemon-Peeler Stingray, and captures as much audio & video as possible on her iPhone. She still occasionally performs (although it's rarely documented).